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    Build a better digital world.
    Anonymous statistics collected from the Smart Panel help your favorite websites, apps, and technology companies improve their services and features for everyone.

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    Smart Panel members care about how things work. Their feedback is indispensable to the people that make things work. When you join the Smart Panel, you become part of that community.

    What our panelists say about us


    Huy T.

    “My absolute favorite thing about Smart Panel is how my interests matter and contribute to digital products and services.
    If I were to recommend Smart Panel to my friends, I would simply say: "Download this! You can thank me later!"
    My participation in Smart Panel is stress-free as it is easy to use.
    I simply followed the instructions to install the application on my mobile device.”

    Lauren H.

    “The Smart Panel is an easy way to make a little bit of money just by using your smartphone, tablet, and computer.
    I earn back money to be used towards paying my cell phone bill.
    I love that manufacturers can see how different people use their devices and hope my patterns make it easier for them to create and design more innovative technologies and services.
    I love that I make money in such passive way.”

    Danelle D.

    “Smart App is extremely easy to install and you really don't have to do much else than log into your device!
    I love that I can offer my input without really having to do anything and earn a little extra money for myself in return.
    I'm really interested to find out how my device usage will help improve the future products that come out and improve the apps that I use and can use in the future. I find it all exciting and fascinating.”

    Ashley O.

    “Smart Panel has been a welcomed addition to my apps list!
    Since downloading, I've earned money to use for gifts this holiday season.
    Other apps promise to help you earn extra income, but are full of ads and other annoyances that would have my phone buzzing all day. Smart Panel doesn't have that problem.
    Occasionally, it will ask me to sync my phone with it, and that's all I have to do. It's quick, easy and most of the time I forget it's even there. Thanks Smart Panel.”

    Christian T.

    “My favorite thing about the Smart App has to be the ease; once installed on your system you pretty much forget it.
    If you are looking for a great way to earn some extra cash and also help provide feedback to manufacturers then may I suggest Smart Panel; it's one of the easiest way for me to do my part and to be rewarded.
    I can sit back and complain that manufacturers don't have my best interest in mind, but how can I expect something for nothing.
    By participating in the Smart Panel I am making a difference by letting manufacturers know my interests.”

    Sherry W.

    “I enjoy Smart Panel because it's supplying info for future knowledge.
    I also enjoy the fact that the application runs by itself, and I make money. It's Simple, Quick and Easy.
    I'm retired and live on a fixed income. I have 6 grandchildren, so I save my earning for Birthdays and Christmas. It totally helps a lot.
    I feel manufacturers and service providers benefit from my info by seeing where I go and what I'm doing”

How Does It Work?


Take our and see if you qualify for the Smart Panel.

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Install the Smart App

Install the Smart App on your smartphone(s), tablet(s), and/or PCs.

The Smart App runs in the background while anonymously and securely collecting statistical data about how you use those devices. Please note that your standard data plan rates will apply.

Earn Rewards

As soon as you install the Smart App on all your devices, you can start earning rewards.

You’ll get $5 just for qualifying, $5 for every installed month after that, and a loyalty bonus every three months!

  • Your Privacy Matters

    Smart Panel membership is voluntary. Without explicit permission we will not collect or use your data.

    We do not share any personal information with third parties, or collect protected information, such as credit card information or passwords. The data we collect is used only for statistical measurement.

    For more info, see our detailed Privacy Policy.

    Your privacy
    is our

  • What data do we collect?

    The data collected in the Smart Panel is about the general usage of devices, device features, apps and services. The research data is used for statistical purposes only and is always secure and anonymous.

    To learn more, see our Privacy Policy.

    Safe &

  • What is the Smart Panel?

    The Smart Panel is a multi-device research project run by Verto Analytics with the goal of making all your favorite technology even better.

    Smart Panel members earn rewards by anonymously sharing data about how they use their devices. That data is then analyzed to help companies understand how to give you a better online experience.


  • Rewards

    We love loyalty, so we reward it.

    Get $5 just for qualifying, and $5 every month you are an active Smart Panel member. Panelists who continue to remain active will also receive a loyalty bonus every three months. Once the Smart App has been installed and active on your devices for at least 30 days, you may redeem your rewards.

    As an active Smart Panel member, you can make a difference and at the same time earn $110 in 12 months, $170 in 18 months, and $230 in 24 months, just for simply using your devices like you do everyday. What’ll you do with your rewards?


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